Predator and Creative Thinking

And to celebrate yesterday’s Predator film, another mini film about Predator.

I’m kinda torn. I, for one, always judge the intelligence or stupidity of movie characters by all the roleplayers I’ve ever GM’d. “Would my player do this, or is it suicidally stupid?”

Figuring out the trick to the Predator? Smart. Very smart.

Giving up your guns? Also smart, but I’m pretty sure my players would have done anything else but that. Especially if it was a rare / hard to acquire / highly customized piece of firepower.

RPG players and their toys. Never the twain shall be parted.

Also, RPG players would have robbed the bodies of their dead comrades. And possibly fought over the loot. I like to think Blain would have a box of twelve condoms in his pack, with only one condom left.

And just because Blain is so cool, another mini film. Just to remind you.


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