Rise of the Tomb Raider Trailer Underwhelms

Just ahead of E3 2015, Microsoft releases another trailer for their timed exclusive Rise of the Tomb Raider.

Just yesterday I was complaining about a trailer that had a weak close that didn’t grip the audience. Well, this entire trailer was 90 seconds of that very thing.

I hated it. It was boring. Nothing happened that gripped me. Which, in a trailer that is supposed to sell an adventure game, is a cardinal sin.

6 thoughts on “Rise of the Tomb Raider Trailer Underwhelms”

  1. Despite playing almost every other TR game, I’ve not yet play the reboot from a couple of years ago. Heard it didn’t really have tombs, but was rather a murder simulator set on an island that Nathan Drake hadn’t got to first. Being a Playstation owner, the lack of information about the time for the timed exclusiveness of this has me left me even more disinterested. This teaser didn’t change that for me at all. I7m not saying I don’t want to get invested in this new version of TR, it’s just that they’re not really selling it a way that makes me want to get invested.

  2. There was a lot of combat, but also a lot of puzzles. I like the game so much, I’ve beat it several times on each of three different consoles.

  3. I want puzzles, and I want normal and fantastic creatures. What I don’t want in a TR game is mostly shooting humans. Yes, Lara does fight bad guys, but she mostly fights nature and the supernatural. It just sounded like almost all of the enemies were pirates, which is more Uncharted territory than TR. I can’t believe she was on an island and didn’t meet a T-Rex! (There was no T-Rex, was there?)

  4. A T-Rex is like a navy blue tie: it fits in everywhere and is never out of style. Even if Lara battles her way through a NY skyscraper to the roof, I demand a T-Rex be there to confront her.

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