They’re baaaaaaack!

Wow. Things look bad for the good old Earth. Though how that happened, I’ll never know. I capped those three super-beings in the superspaceship at least three times (in three alternate gameplays… err “alternate universes”).

Man, those things are tough! Plus they conquered the Earth. What was I DOING in the first game, if aliens were just going to walk in and… never mind. Overthinking it.

Anyway, at least the cinematics look good. Though it’s PC / Mac only for now. We console tards register our weary hatred of your very existence, Firaxis.

Looking forward to seeing if this is good or crap. Hope it’s good, but I’ve become weary and jaded.

Don’t screw this up!

2 thoughts on “XCOM 2!”

  1. Yeah, plot-wise, this doesn’t fit the first game. Maybe I could buy it if the Aliens came back in a BIG way, like a planetary invasion ‘came to play’ incursion. You know, we won the first battle and smashed their base and they came back.

    Shrug. I enjoyed the first game, I’ll probably buy this one.

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