The Incredible Hulk Was Incredibly Bad!

Someone challenged me on the Ed Norton Hulk film. “It’s not that bad!”

I was flabbergasted. I didn’t know what to say.

Now I do. I’d say: “WATCH THIS!”

“Watch this,” I’d say, “because I agree with pretty much all of it.”

The only thing I’d really disagree with is that the movie will have any negative impact on Marvel’s ongoing cinematic juggernaut. Marvel can retcon anything they like. (And apparently pretty much have.)

They’re COMIC people. Retconning is what they do.

(Also, Re: Stan Lee. He’s The Watcher, man! Get with the program.)

(Also, that Brazilian factory worker chick looks like a supermodel. Because she is.)

(Also, Ty Burell had a much better part on 2004’s Dawn of the Dead. Look it up. He was great. And NOT the nice guy.)

13 thoughts on “The Incredible Hulk Was Incredibly Bad!”

  1. Also, “Movie Sins” guy just kind of bugs me. (heck sometimes it’s not even a “sin” – if it was “Movie Random Thoughts” I’d probably enjoy it more)

  2. Actually, they address that in “Everything wrong with Cinema Sins”. Most of the time, they have good points but some are deliberately nonsensical.

  3. Yeah, and TV Tropes covered plenty. ;)

    My fave:
    *When sinning Fast & Furious, Jeremy inadvertently makes it clear he has no concept of “rear-wheel drive”.
    **In Fast & Furious 6, several sins of people jumping from one car to another are only sins because he hasn’t heard of Newton’s First Law.

    TIH ain’t one of the greats, but it ain’t one of the worst either. (which reminds me, you ever watch good bad flicks?)

  4. Just once. Linked to their vid about the problems with R rating, when discussing World War Z’s expurgated violence and how that neutered many scenes.

  5. I liked it. No bad, not great, but the closest thing we had to an American kaiju movie until Pacific Rim. I like Ruffalo’s Hulk better, but Norton’s Banner, and I’ve yet to see how Norton’s became Ruffalo’s. Retcon? But they’re bringing back General Ross for Captain America 3: Civil War…

  6. Really, there’s hardly any sins there worth mentioning, and none that any other higher rated Marvel film, or much higher rated film in general, don’t also have. I’d say it’s biggest sins are the weak comedic moments, but as it’s an action film I’m not gonna crucify it over those. Sure it’s given itself a pretty easy target to hit, but as popcorn fare it does it hit well.

    After all, the much loved GotG has a villain as vanilla as Thor 2’s, and an entire climatic battle which is complete and utter fluff (why doesn’t Ronan just step out of his ship and free-fall to the planet?), but it gets a pass and an 8.1 score on IMdB because it’s hilariously funny. If TIH had more chuckles that worked then it’d be more highly rated. But should laughs be the deal breaker of action movies?

  7. By the way, I want you to know I’ve been working on Storm Knights and Infinity a lot over the past 4 months. I think you’ll like what I’m doing with Tharkold, the Cyberpapacy, and especially Los Angeles. If I had anything to post, I would, but that doesn’t mean I’m not putting in a lot of work.

    Just so’s you know. : )

  8. You’d better get that Infinity stuff out there before Disney slams you with a cease and desist.
    I’m really interested to read stuff about Tharkold et. al. I’m wondering if you’ve done thinking about it in another direction or not. I wasn’t super into what you’d talked about before (I’m not saying it was bad, just that it didn’t pique my interest), but you’ve always got well thought out ideas, which makes them a pleasure to read.

  9. Thanks. The official title is “the Infinity Files RPG System”. Though I can also go to “The Infiniverse RPG System”, for apparent reasons.

    Here’s some Tharkold Effects Systems.

    Technomancer: a variant type of spell caster powered by motes of vril. (Motes are very important.)

    Technoshaman: speaks to the unseen spirits of Tharkold, uses them to repair, heal, and buff.

    Deviser: uses vril to create and repair magical items, and to create and repair mundane objects. This includes cyberware.

    Gridrunner: Runs the magical grid, breaking into systems and stealing data. The whole party helps. Everybody jacks, everybody hacks.

    Cybermonger: heavily cybered people, typically fast, strong, or tough.

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