Armageddon: Twice as Bad as I Remembered

Armageddon. To be fair, it’s not so much BAD as mediocre and legendarily overblown. The bombast and the bombs just overwhelmed the script.

But, if you don’t remember how cheesy it was, Honest Trailers is here to remind you!

But wait! THERE’S MORE.

Armageddon had more than enough cheese for one YouTube video series. CinemaSins chimes in with “Everything Wrong With Armageddon In 14 Minutes Or Less”.

My friend Ron said (and only Torg fans will get this): “The problem with Armageddon was too many Dramatic Skill Resolutions.”

And how!

Big, bombastic, nonsensical, still I can’t help but liking Bruce Willis. He was still at the top of his game, and did a killer job.

So long as I don’t think about the plot holes, I can even watch the movie.

2 thoughts on “Armageddon: Twice as Bad as I Remembered”

  1. What??? Why sir, if there’s something wrong with cheese, then you need to remove the “geekery” from your house title! Cheese is a time-honored staple of the geek diet! *harrumph*

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