Really, Hollywood? It’s come to THIS?

This. Movie. Will. Suck.

Not because of nostalgia. I don’t have any — I didn’t see Point Break until last year. There’s no nostalgia.

It’s charisma. Patrick Swayze had it. That dude, don’t.

Keanu Reeves? A genuine star. This schmuck? A genuine snore.

Lori Petty? Perfect for the role. Teresa Palmer? One of my guilty pleasure actresses. Pretty much the only reason I watched Warm Bodies. But she doesn’t have that damaged toughness Petty brought to the role.

And Gary Busey? Yeah, like you could replace him.

Point Break had genuine stars in a genuine and compelling movie. You could believe that Patrick Swayze could talk a straight-arrow FBI agent into nearly abandoning his career.

This dude? Couldn’t talk me into watching Patrick Swayze. He’s a nonentity. A cipher. Neither handsome enough, rugged enough, nor charismatic enough to be a Brody.

9 thoughts on “Really, Hollywood? It’s come to THIS?

  1. Watching this trailer (I’ve no interest in the film so I had a look at it) just makes me wanna watch the original. I’m pretty sure that that’s not what was intended. What it doesn’t make me wanna do is watch it. I’m pretty sure that that’s also not what was intended.
    At least we’ll get a good Honest Trailers out of it.

  2. Agreed. Sad, but so many movies I’ve seen recently boil down to “Well, the Honest Trailer should be good”.

    I just can’t bring myself to watch this. Were it my job, it’d be a chore.

  3. Wow.. this looks just awful. And did they seriously cast Brody (sp?) with a European accent? But I agree with Winstoninabox, I’m gonna go order the original from Amazon today, so at least they have that going for the trailer.

  4. It’s going to be hard to take this seriously after Hot Fuzz deconstructed that exact movie so well.

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