Surprisingly, none are World of Warcraft.

7 Games That Suck Your Life Away… if you have no taste. Destiny, sub-par. Mass Effect, don’t even get me started. PES… uh, what?

We don’t hit our first good game, Minecraft, until number 4. Now, I personally don’t like Minecraft, but I get the appeal. It’s a perfectly fine game for the (many, many, many) people who like that sort of thing.

Finally, at number 5, we get our first really incredible game: Grand Theft Auto V. I’m not saying I’d marry GTA V, but if it were a woman, I’ve spent enough time with it to make it my common-law wife. (Kids, Google that and you’ll understand.)

Then we’re back in the dumps for another Final Fantasy (isn’t FF XLVII scheduled for next year?), a series I’ve no interest in picking up. Not after the first one I tried had a 20-hour tutorial. No. Just… no.

Last, of course, is Skyrim. A truly incredible game marred only by a thousand game-breaking bugs. Don’t get me wrong, I played that game enough hours to earn a second degree in Skyrimnomics, but the bugs were incredibly irritating.

You have to play Skyrim with one eye on the game and the other on a web browser opened to one of the many wikis dedicated to documenting the game’s numerous flaws. Did you know that doing one thing wrong 50 hours before you got to the end of a quest could ruin the entire main quest line? Neither did I. OOPS!

Still it is legitimately a game that could eat up 200 hours, with you enjoying all of that. Worth the money, IMHO.

Still, this video could have been 7 MMO’s, not a single one World of Warcraft, and been just as accurate. MMO’s are time sinks the likes of which Skyrim can only aspire to. (And did, in The Elder Scrolls Online.) I don’t play them, of course, because any game that has a mini-game built right into the interface so you can play that game while you’re waiting to play the real game, just isn’t for me.

4 thoughts on “7 Games That SUCK YOUR LIFE AWAY!”

  1. It’s not just the lack of WoW, what about Starcraft? Diablo? Blizzard was completely ignored.

    Personally, I think the Civ series has probably gotten the most play time out of me, if you look back over the decades. I always told myself that it was educational, though, I was learning about foreign cultures…right? :-)

  2. For me the biggest time sink has been the Battlefield series of FPS’s. I’ve played every single release since Battlefield 1942.

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