Jupiter Ascending: Wachowskis Descending

The Wachowski’s hit a game-winning home run with The Matrix, but their quality since then has been uneven, at best. Their most recent, Jupiter Ascending, was quite terrible, I thought.

If you want to know why, Honest Trailers has you covered. Oh, and SPOILERS!

My problem, in short, was the dumb: the characters were dumb, the central conceits were dumb, the costumes, plot, dialogue, performances, and on and on were all dumb. It’s just… THE BEES, MAN! WTF?!

It was the stupid. It rolled over me and squashed me flat.

3 thoughts on “Jupiter Ascending: Wachowskis Descending”

  1. I was really looking forward to this, and was pretty disappointed. But, the visuals were amazing. I just loved the sets and costumes and all the CGI stuff.

  2. I’ve never been so happy to avoid a movie since I passed over Greenhorns* all those years ago.
    This looks horrible, just utterly horrible.
    Mad Max: FR was ok, though.

    *(I thought it was a cowboy movie and it….sorta…is)

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