3 Awesome Vids About Just Cause 3!

Just Cause 2 was an incredible game. Imagine a Hispanic Rambo in Southeast Asia, on an open world map filled with tens of thousands of things that go BOOM!

Yeah, it was fun.

And now Just Cause 3 promises to take take that same level of adrenaline and explosions, and amp. It. Up.

Pure mayhem. It’s so beautiful.

But what do we really want from JC3? Zoomin has some answers.

I don’t agree with everything — who cares about multiplayer? — but a lot of their points are right on the money.

Just as important as what to put in, is what to leave out. This last video details 5 things NOT to do in Just Cause 3.

What do I want from JC3? Pretty much JC2, with better graphics, some cool new stuff, and DON’T SCREW IT UP!

But what am I saying? It’s Square Enix! They’ll never screw it up!


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