The X-Men Captured in Cosplay!

The best cosplay photogs don’t settle for simple photos of people posing in costume, they try to bring scenes to life. By making a photo appear as a slice of action, the pic is more dynamic and more exciting.

Completely coincidentally, this is what comic book artists strive for, for panels that hint at scenes in motion. I say “coincidentally”, because today’s cosplay pics, by the supremely talented Jay Tablante, are all of the famed comicbook superhero mutants, the X-Men.

We start with the infamous power leech Rogue, the Southern powerhouse.


Next is Shadowcat, the girl who can walk through walls.


Last, Phoenix, perhaps the most deadly threat the X-Men ever faced.


Not only are Tablante’s photos posed as if in motion, but they also feature pretty cool special effects that sell the comic book heroics angle. You can find 19 other incredible cosplay portraits, including Black Cat, the White Queen, and Wasp At The Link!

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