How DID the Hulk get so Hulkariffic?

Looking back on some of the truly horrible CGI that gets shoved into movies, even very expensive would-be blockbusters, the Hulk (from Avengers: Age of Ultron) was amazing. But how did he get to be so darn awesome?

Wired tells the tale.

All I can say, is that they did a fabulous job. Very seldom did I catch myself thinking “oh, this scene’s entirely CGI”, which is a near-miracle.

Here’s hoping other effects studios learn from ILM’s example and stop making CGI that sucks.

3 thoughts on “How DID the Hulk get so Hulkariffic?”

  1. It’s all about the MIPS and FLOPS. The faster a complex frame can be rendered the better job the artists can do without being driven insane by tedium. A lot of algorithms have been around for many years but were hard to apply when it meant production times stretching out years and salaries (your staff has to pay bills and can only juggle so many projects simultaneously and stay focused) driving costs into infinity.

    Back in 1982 it took a Cray six months to render the CGI for ‘The Last Starfighter.’ By 1996 a PS1 could do better in many ways in real time.

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