Batman v Superman In The DCAU

The DCAU was one of the crown jewels of early 90’s television, and had a profound and lasting impact on the mainline DC comics continuity. It introduced many new characters who were later introduced into the comics, including Harley Quinn (featured in the upcoming Suicide Squad movie), Livewire, Lock-up, and several others. It affected the backstories or characterization of several characters in the comics, including Mr. Freeze, Tim Drake, Two Face (affecting how he was portrayed in Batman: The Long Halloween, which in turn influenced Nolan’s The Dark Knight), and more. It also gave us the definitive voice artists for the Joker and Batman, Mark Hamill and Kevin Conroy, who were both featured in the Rocksteady “Arkham” series of video games.

Given the popularity and impact of the various series comprising the DCAU, it’s not surprising that people are making comics and fan movies in the same setting and style. JTS entertainment has taken the recent trailer for Batman v Superman and redone it in the style (including voice work) of the DCAU.

It’s been 23 years since the DCAU kicked off with Batman: The Animated Series, and in all that time only Christopher Nolan’s Batman has equaled (but not surpassed) it. Had I all the time in the world, B:TAS would be one of the first series I would watch again in its entirety.

Until and unless that day comes, I’ll have to settle for homages and pastiches, like this trailer.

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