Terrible Movie Trailer: Aurora, the “Romantic Sci-Fi Thriller”

Good gravy, this looks awful, and not just because it’s a “Romantic Sci-Fi Thriller”. (What, you guys couldn’t settle on who your audience was supposed to be, so you just thought “Screw it, let’s market to EVERYBODY!”)

Look, the worst part of this trailer is that it is murky and confusing. Other than CGI robots and pretentious pronouncements, I have no idea what the hell it’s supposed to be about.

Characters come and go, with no hints given as to their relevance or importance. A utopia is introduced and literally the same second it appears, it is destroyed with no hint as to what made it a utopia or why it’s being destroyed. (“Dramatic irony” would be my guess.)

“What you need to know is that you are in control.” Of what, pray tell, mysterious dying woman? When whole cities are getting wiped the hell out, and huge robots are stampeding about the countryside looking to murdervate all humans they see, HOW IS ANYONE IN CONTROL OF ANYTHING?!

“I have nowhere to go.” “No one does.” Again I ask, HOW IS HE IN CONTROL?

But lo! They lie, for they do have one place to go, “the city up north” that’s free of all the robots.

Oh, so we’re ripping off The Tripods trilogy now, are we? How stirring.

The one advantage computers have over humans is that they’re inhumanly fast. Yet this robot takes (rough estimate) eleventy thousand years to decide whether or not to shoot. The guy could have settled down, raised a family, founded a city, and died of old age before the robot started shooting. Hell, the robot might as well be waiting to shoot at his great-grandkids, as fast as it’s reacting.

“Prepare the fleet”, and things start launching. Because that’s JUST what we needed, one more damn confusing major plot element mucking up the works: introduction of AI, founding a utopia, revolt of the robots, the fall of civilization, life in the aftermath of the robot apocalypse, escaping from the robots, blessed city free of the robots, and now launching the fleet into wherever.

Kids, any ONE of these could be the basis for a movie or novel. Sticking EIGHT in one movie is a overkill. It makes for a confusing, overcomplicated mess, just like… well, just like this trailer.

3 thoughts on “Terrible Movie Trailer: Aurora, the “Romantic Sci-Fi Thriller””

  1. Well, they got one thing right. “Let’s make Utopia” is immediately followed by cities blowing up. Oh, and huge geek points for invoking the Tripod series. Good books. And now I want to track them down and read them. I wonder if there’s a Kindle version?

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