Hamill’s Horribly Heartwarming Star Wars Family Photos

Back when Return of the Jedi was striding towards theaters Mark Hamill, aka Luke Skywalker (but you knew that, right?), visited the set of the future landmark blockbuster with his wife Marilou and infant son Nathan. The visit was memorialized in a series of Polaroids (kids, ask your parents) that are fair-to-bursting with horribly heartwarming Hamill family goodness.


That kid doesn’t know it, but he’s fulfilling the dreams of millions of Star Wars fans.


“Come back to finish your training you have? And with a youngling to be my Padawan? Told you about the ‘no marrying’ thing, apparently I did not.”


See? Horribly heartwarming. I tried to warn you…

If you’re interested in more of the behind-the-scenes shoot, there’s a bunch more photos and an interview with Hamill about them, all available At The Link!

3 thoughts on “Hamill’s Horribly Heartwarming Star Wars Family Photos”

  1. Did you see Hamill playing the daft, mind-controlled SJW environmentalism professor in Kingsmen: Secret Service? It is brilliant. Love that movie.

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