Honestly? Hulk Really WAS That Bad

And here we are at last. A superhero movie SOOOOOOOO bad, I still haven’t seen it.

How bad are we talking? It’s got Jennifer Connelly in it, and I still haven’t seen it. I see everything that has Jennifer Connelly in it, but not this.

It’s 2003’s Hulk!

My first thoughts? I hope they were joking about those transitions, because PHEW! Terrible.

But I don’t think they are.

At least I know now that, no matter how bad Age of Ultron might turn out to be, it’ll never be as bad as Hulk. Which is both scary and reassuring, you know?

5 thoughts on “Honestly? Hulk Really WAS That Bad”

  1. You cannot appreciate what went wrong without seeing it for yourself. There are some bits that were quite good for 2003 and serve to illustrate how far off course things things went. If it was just wretched from start to finish it wouldn’t be nearly as interesting of a failure.

  2. In a way it’s kind of majestic, because it made everyone hold their breath and ask themselves “Is this what’s going to crash the Superhero movie boom right here? Right now?” and everyone was certain Ang Lee would never find work again.

  3. Flee. Flee this movie.

    I saw it in theaters, paid real money for it. I regret everything. Dull barely begins to describe it. This SHOULD have ended Ang Lee’s career…except for gay cowboys eating pudding. But it should have.

  4. They are not kidding about the wacky scene transitions. I had finally managed to suppress that memory! Thanks a lot!

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