Tomorrowland Trailer Released Yesterday

Yup, it’s yet ANOTHER trailer for Trailer Week. Because however many we’ve done just wasn’t enough.

(Count yourselves lucky: if Paramount hadn’t sued Star Wars: Rogue One on behalf of Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation, there’d be at least one more. Instead the Rogue One trailer, screened at the recent Star Wars Celebration, won’t see release until Aug 1, the day after MI:RN is released. You wish I was kidding.)

So here it is, the trailer for Tomorrowland!

Some random comments:

• Ouch! That had to hurt. Better get checked for a concussion.

• Nice jetpack, dude.

• Good thing she popped back in right then. Otherwise, glug glug and it’d be a really short and depressing movie. (Girl finds pin, hallucinates, drowns in a lake. Not exactly a Disney flick, is it?)

• I see George Clooney is playing George Clooney again. Good for him. It’s his strongest role.

• Dude has a portable, small-scale stargate on his living room table. Given the state of his front room, I’m guessing he uses it as a quickie garbage disposal when he’s too lazy to carry the beer empties to the trash.

• Robot hands break off hella easily.

• He buys his security lasers from Umbrella Corp, I see. Wonder if the Red Queen’s running them for him?

• Magnetized walls. Huh. I guess if you’re expecting insane killer robots from an alternate universe.

• If the insane killer robot from an alternate universe couldn’t tear itself free, how did he?

• Rocketship hidden under a park. If the X-Men can do it…

• Getting strange flashbacks to Enemy of the State: “Why did we take a rocketship to another dimension?” “Because you made a phone call!”

• Speaking of which, some Gene Hackman would make this movie about 1000x better, at least.

Anyway, the movie comes out on the 22 of May. Enjoy!

One thought on “Tomorrowland Trailer Released Yesterday”

  1. Rogue One? They do recall that there is no such designation right? Its Rogue (or Red, Blue, etc.) Leader. All other squadron members are numbered Two and up. There is no “One”.

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