Jurassic World: Well, There’s Dinosaurs.

And yet another trailer hits the net. (What, did Ant-Man look so good, everyone else just started to panic?) This one is for Jurassic World.

Being honest: this trailer didn’t make me any more excited to see the movie. It didn’t make me any LESS excited, but it didn’t make me any more excited.

And really, why are they still making dinosaur theme parks? It’d be like living in the Aliens universe and making “Xenomorph World”. No matter what you do, that’s just going to end badly. Again. (And again and again.)

But no, they needed to make an entirely new dino park, this time with a dinosaur bigger than a T-Rex and smarter than the scientist who made it. (Not that it’s hard.) Also, didn’t that other scientist die off in the first one? Maybe I’m remembering it wrong.

Yeah, I’m going to see this sooner or later. Maybe even in the theater. But man, do they need a new gimmick.

4 thoughts on “Jurassic World: Well, There’s Dinosaurs.”

  1. But, but… semi-trained Raptors! Water dino eating a flier! Bubble boy cars!

    …yeah, it seems silly. I still haven’t watched the third one. I want to see what state of the art CGI looks like in the franchise, but that’s out of professional interest. The whole “dinos escape and eat people” was old already in the first movie.

  2. Total wasted opportunity. Should have remade the first one while being faithful to the book (so a hard edged survival horror, heavy on the hooror) – or gone with a new IP. Fragment (Warren Fahy) would be a good one.

  3. A proper adaption of the first book would have been nice. I guess Hollywood is still pretending that doesn’t exist.

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