Star Wars: Battlefront

Star Wars: Battlefront is one of the most infamously bungled video game franchises in the history of videogames, second only to Duke Nukem. (Though there is, admittedly, a lot of competition for that particular prize.) The first (2004) was incredible, the second (released a year later) the best selling Star Wars title ever.

Then… nothing. Nothing. Nothing at all. From 2005 to 2015, nothing but two vague, promise-filled trailers. Nothing substantive until yesterday.


I’m not saying they’re lying when they say “Game Engine Footage”, but they’re lying. Or, at least stretching the truth.

That is NOT what you’ll get on a PS4 or XB1. You might get that kind of fluidity and detail on a high-end PC from the year 2050, imported from an alternate dimension where computers run on Unicorn kisses and Leprechaun dreams.

In THIS universe? Never.

And it does look all kinds of Star Wars-y, all kinds of Battlefront-y. It looks like it could be good. (We’ll find out on November 17.) It doesn’t make me want to puke and start hurling punches, at least.

I guess my hope is the same as every Battlefront fan: “Please let this not suck, God.”


6 thoughts on “Star Wars: Battlefront

  1. There were two PSP releases in the series – Renegade Squadron and Elite Squadron – which came later. It’s easy to forget them, but as a PSP owner I played the hell out of them.

    “Game Engine Footage” is extremely coy and isn’t doing them any favors in getting people on board. It’s just building a healthy level of distrust…

  2. The last year has taught me to never trust a publisher. They used to make Luis Vuitton handbags. Now they make Luis Vuitton knockoffs and charge is full price.

  3. I’ve been avoiding EA for years now, ever since that scandal broke about how they treat their employees. Looks like a justifiable position given the number of questionable releases over the last few years (Sim City anyone?)

  4. I hope the AI is better than it was in Star Wars Battlefront 2. Gawd, the AI in that was so bad it caused me to rage-uninstall the game.

  5. I’m a huge fan of the Battlefield series. I’ve played nearly every single one of them since Battlefield 1942. I got the original Battlefront and just never really saw the appeal of it. At first it was neat because I got a Star Wars blaster and ran around going Pew Pew. But the air combat totally sucked. I was used to being able to jump into a P51 and zoom far and wide around the battle space. But the airspace given to fly around in Battlefront was roughly the same as the ground given to the infantry. And the maps just didn’t really engage me either. Too many that were wide open and little cover. Or others that had choke points that when the one team controlled them it was difficult to get it back. To me it was just so “blah” I didn’t even bother getting Battlefront 2. But I’ve watch the trailer for 3 and it does look like it will be pretty good. I’ve heard it will be a bit like Battlefield 4 but with a Star Wars skin. As long as it doesn’t have the bump launch that BF4 had I’ve no problem with that.

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