Who Is That Hot Ad Girl?

It’s happened to me a million times (though less so as I embrace Tivos and digital downloads): I watch a commercial and see a moderately attractive woman, like the following…

Charlbi Dean Kriek

I see this not entirely unattractive woman and I think “I’d probably go out with her, at least once.” This gal, for example…

Bar Paly

Is perfectly acceptable for an off night. And if the following moderately above-average woman…

Cris Noronha

Makes you, like me, think “Who is that mostly acceptable person?” then WONDER NO MORE.

Who is that hot add girl?” is an entire blog dedicated to finding and ID-ing all of those mostly-not-hideous hot add girls. (From top to the bottom, Charlbi Dean Kriek, Bar Paly, and Cris Noronha.) And if you have a particular gal who’s been haunting your dreams, they even take requests.

My opinion of this blog? I DECLARE IT TO BE GLORIOUS!

Even so.

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