Sci-fi author Harlan Ellison is noted for his acid tongue and short temper, but did you know he was able to munificently display both on the Sci-Fi Channel, back in the early 1990’s? (Back when it was “Sci-Fi”, not the execrable “Syfy”). Here’s one of his fifty-odd few minute clips, about The Death of Superman (1993).

His opinion is, on this matter, irrefutable. Comics have gone to that well so often that it is dry, the aquifer collapsed, and sinkholes opening up under cards and pedestrians.

Like I said, there’s almost sixty of these little clips, each one featuring a bracing spiel from the original troll of sci-fi fandom. If you have a sec, check a few out. They’re well worth the time.

One thought on “Harlan Ellison SMACKS SOME FOOLS AROUND!”

  1. I remember seeing these on the show Sci-Fi Buzz. Back then I thought that there wasn’t enough good science fiction to sustain a Science Fiction network 24/7. Turned out I was right.

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