“6 of the Sexiest Women in Sci-Fi” (If You’re an Idiot)

Just three reasons why this list of “6 Of the Hottest Females in Sci-Fi Fantasy Movies” is BS.

1. No Jane Fonda.


2. No Erin Gray.

erin gray

3. No Raquel Welch.


(Not to mention none of these sexy sci-fi sirens. Or these super sci-fi seductresses.)

The hell were you guys thinking?

4 thoughts on ““6 of the Sexiest Women in Sci-Fi” (If You’re an Idiot)”

  1. Erin Gray managed to be smokin’ hot in some of the worst costumes ever to be seen on television. Now that’s sexy.

  2. I’m with you on #2 and 3, that’s for sure. Raquel might be the most beautiful woman of the 20th century.

    I looked at the link and just scratched my head. I can MAYBE see Mila on that list, since I find her fascinating on screen. But Carrie Moss? I think that list should be ‘The most maternal women in sci-fi’ instead.

  3. Okay, time for some remedial reading folks.

    Are the women on the list hot? Yes (except perhaps Moss). Are they really hot? Yes. Did they demonstrate their hotness in Sci-Fi? Yes. Are there 6 of them? Yes.

    So the list is not BS.

    Pay close attention, it is 6 of the Hottest, not The 6 Hottest.

    Set theory, Venn diagrams, all that hocus pocus makes clear that it is not meant to be an exclusive list.

    And I do support the additional suggestions. Erin Gray, Raquel, even Fonda. Definitely would add Jeri Ryan into the Set of Hotties, along with Jolene Blaylock. Sabrina Lloyd had an incredible girl-next-door vibe, and both Morena Baccarin and Lexa Doig carry some serious hotness.

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