Terminator Trailer

So, it looks like it won’t be TOTAL crap, but definitely B-Movie material. (Daenerys or not.)

COULD it be good? Yes. WILL it be? No.

My prediction.

(One positive aspect: they brought back the time travel thing, which is pretty critical to the series. Without it, it’s just not a Terminator film.)

4 thoughts on “Terminator Trailer”

  1. Hmm… there might be some debate over whether the first 2 terminators were B-movies or not.

    Heck I think #4 could have hit the “acceptable” level had they just gone with the ending the narrative was naturally going for.

  2. I think of the first Terminator as one of the best “B” movies ever made. I should say, I’ve always somewhat preferred “B” movies to the “A” movies, whatever that is.

    But what worried me about that trailer is that even on the first viewing, I could identify each scene as a ripoff (homage?) to a similar scene in one of the earlier movies. And the trailer is supposed to give a view as to some of the best stuff.

    Sure, it’s a sequel to a sequel ad infinitum, but it’s hard to keep an audience engaged after you’ve hit that 100% derivative mark.

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