More Mindblowing Cosplay Creations

“Mindblowing.” Frankly, I mean it. Cosplay is becoming more popular, and as it does better costume designers / makers enter the hobby, as do better photographers. And some of the stuff they do is amazing.

Like this Psylocke (one of my favorite New Mutants, and this long before she became a sex symbol, back when she was just Betsy Braddock), from Andrew Michael Phillips.


Love the costume, love the pose, love the photography, love the special effects. A-maz-ing.

Now take a look at Ms. Marvel.

mcox 4

Again, great composition, impeccable costuming, impressive digital manipulation.

Last, She-Hulk.

mcox 2

Tough, intense, the perfect after-workout pose.

Here’s what’s most amazing to me: all of these three shots are the exact same model. Different hair color, skin tone, sometimes even eyes. When cosplayers commit, they commit. (She also makes her own costumes — a real cosplayer, not just a model.)

One last AMP shot, this one NOT of the same model.


Totes adorbs, as the mighty Adam Baldwin would say. (No, it’s true. I’ve seen it happen!)

In any case, if you want more Andrew Michael Phillips, check out 31 snaps of various cosplayers (including several more of our mystery model) At The Link!

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