Mad Max & James Bond: Trailer Time!

Mad Max struggles just to survive, heroism is always a side-effect of that.

Whereas James Bond is a hero, but his job requires him to do decidedly unheroic things sometimes.

Both movies look good, but Spectre looks better. Not because of production values (though they obviously spent a LOT of money), but because Fury Road is way too heavy into the CGI. And it looks fake.

When did practical effects become taboo? They bring a viscerality to a film, which is why gritty, low-budget horror movies are so frightening. And Mad Max needs that visceral, grimy feel, not the plastic Uncanny Valley impression CGI effects give.

3 thoughts on “Mad Max & James Bond: Trailer Time!”

  1. I don’t watch trailers for movies that I have an interest in seeing, so I’ll have to give these a miss. But Mad Max having CGI is not what I want to hear. All I can hope is that like in the original movies it won’t be used to fake the driving stunts.

    And it’s great to hear Spectre looks good (and expensive). This is my most looked forward to movie this year. The Craig series of Bonds of all be excellent, and with the same team as Skyfall behind the camera I’m hoping this will be just as good. I’m still hoping that they’re secretly filming Craig’s 5th film at the same time as Spectre, and we get cliffhanger ending for it with the next film in 2016. He can’t have many more years left in him as Bond, so I’d like to see at least one more and a continuing story if possible.

  2. I’m a defender of Quantum of Solace. I’m glad the producers tried something different, I like the really short running time (for a Bond film), I think Craig gives a great performance, and I like how it followed on from Casino Royale. Yes, some of the editing should be lightened up on, but I’m not going to crucify it for that. I’d place it above most of the Moore era.

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