Master Chief Meets The Rashomon Effect

Unreliable narrators? In a commercial? Take a look.

First, the Master Chief version.

And now, the “Spartan Locke” version.

Gee, I wonder who the BAD GUY could possibly be?

Okay, so less Rashomon and more alternate timelines? Ah, whatever.

Still it’s a Halo game, in a generation where, two years in, and games on the ground are pretty damn thin. So, even though I skipped the Collection (good thing, too) I’ll probably pick this up.

Maybe. Sooner or later. If it don’t suck. We’ll see.

October 27th, Xbox exclusive. Are you excited yet? Me, too.

4 thoughts on “Master Chief Meets The Rashomon Effect”

  1. I’m not playing anything right now. I’ve been working full time on Storm Knights and a bit of Infinity. Nothing post-ready right now, but I’m working out a lot of setting details. As soon as I get stuff written up properly, I’ll start posting.

  2. Yeah, I haven’t made the trade up myself. I’m still enjoying the 3 too much. Done heaps of Borderlands 2 coop recently and have just moved up to Ultimate Vault Hunter mode. Great game.

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