Akira: Anime vs Manga. FIGHT!

So, Akira. Psychics and psychos battle for supremacy in the ruins of Neo-Tokyo, some 31 years after a nuclear apocalypse.

I’ve watched the film and read the manga, and they are quite different. The following vid, from the guys at CineFix, will tell you all about it.

I was introduced to Akira, the movie, in 1990 by a friend of mine who was heavy into anime. We watched the subtitled version, but I preferred the Streamline Dub (even going to the trouble of tracking down the one company licensed to make Streamline DVD’s).

It was a long time until I could read the manga, because 2100 pages of comics costs quite a bit. Who knew?

Obnoxious humor aside, the vid recaps the differences fairly well. If you’re interested, the movie’s available on the iTunes store, in both Pioneer dub and Subtitled. (Though bizarrely listed as one episode TV series, both contain the entire movie.)

The comics, either the purist R-L B&W versions or the more accessible colorized L-R Marvel versions, are hideously expensive, and may be tough to get ahold of. In this case, for ease of purchase as well as price, I’d recommend the movie. You miss a lot of the story, but what is there is very well done.

(At least until the ending, which goes all 2001. Best thing about the manga, really, is they get to explain just what in the hell happened there.)


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