The Battle of the Two Trailers!

I lied. They’re not really battling. And one isn’t even a trailer, it’s an Honest Trailer.

Both are worth watching, though, so let’s kick it!

We begin with Arnold Schwarzenegger in a surprising dramatic turn. (Surprising primarily because critics quoted in the trailer claim he did a good job.) As the father of a young girl dying of (ahem) the zombie virus, he has to protect his slowly-turning-into-a-violent-cannibal daughter from villains such as local cops enforcing the quarantine law so they can prevent more outbreaks and federal cops, also enforcing the quarantine law so they can prevent more outbreaks.

Wait… these are the BAD guys? Gimme a break!

Anyway, the trailer looks pretty good.

“Mr. Bowman, I wouldn’t normally release someone with this type of infection, but since the rest of the movie kind of depends on me doing so, I’ll do it anyway!” Thanks, random doctor guy, for letting zombies wander free from clinics where they’re safely locked up so they can eat people and spread their deadly disease! Zombie Abigail Breslin’s dad thanks you, too!

(Abigail Breslin was a person pretending to be a zombie in Zombieland, now she gets to go all the way! That’s karmic justice, man. Like a circle of life thing, ya know?)

Alright, it’s kind of odd for me to be making fun of a trailer for a movie I’m actually looking forward to, so instead let’s make fun of a movie that’s already out, but which I hated!

Time for Honest Trailers: The Hobbit: Battle of the Five Armies! As usual, it’s very well done.

So good.

(PS: I watched How It Should Have Ended for this flick. It’s not so good, sad to say.)

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