Beethy’s Beauties: Beyond the Best

You know how it is: you’re wandering around the Internet, looking for cool stuff to post, when all of a sudden you find yourself staring at a huge gallery of incredibly beautiful cosplay portraits. Well, damn, what else can I do but share?

We start off with everyone’s favorite back-stabbing secret agent, Ada Wong.


Gorgeous, yes, but don’t trust the bitch. It never ends well.

Next up, Phoenix from the X-Men.


Beautiful, deadly, capable of crushing your mind (and maybe the planet) in seconds flat.

Then there’s Riven, from League of Legends.


Be honest: don’t know much about her. But I’d like to. : )

The pics are courtesy Australian cosplay photog Benjamin Koelewijn, otherwise known as Beethy, and they’re just the start. There’s 15 other photos in the gallery, including Black Cat, Laura Croft, a Chinese assassin, and more. Check them out At The Link!

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