Anna Fischer, Cosplay Photog Extraordinaire!

It’s all too easy to forget, while we’re gazing at the gorgeous costumes (and, very often, cosplayers) in front of the camera, that there’s very often true genius behind the camera, as well. Anna Fischer is one such genius.


I’m guessing, based on the colors, Steampunk Snow White. (Given the Victorian accoutrements, probably Scandalous Steampunk Snow White would be more period-appropriate.)


Pink Chun-Li. (Or would “Palette-Swap Chun Li” be more appropriate?)


You got me. An alien, obviously, but whether game, TV, or movie I have no idea, let along which setting she hails from. GEEK KNOWLEDGE CRITICAL FAIL! Sorry, folks, I let you down.

Fischer has, of course, many more such pics, many of which (including Steampunk Tomb Raider) are available At The Link!

3 thoughts on “Anna Fischer, Cosplay Photog Extraordinaire!”

  1. Looks like a more final fantasy Snow White in my opinion. The alien on looks like it COULD belong to the destiny universe but I haven’t played it or seen the dlc so I could be wrong.

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