Lucy: Luc’s Supreme Cinematic Suckitude

Let’s be honest: Lucy sucked. I know Lucy sucked because I saw it, and you know Lucy sucked because you read it right here.

But now Cinema Sins is here to backstop my absolutely authoritative declaration (i.e. “Lucy sucks!”) with their one-of-a-kind short, “Everything Wrong With Lucy in 15 Minutes”. And DAMN is there a lot wrong with this movie.

To mangle Douglas Adams, Lucy is a movie so chock full of bad directorial choices and gaping plot holes, its smaller flaws are almost always concealed behind bigger flaws, making it seem like a much better movie than it really is. But that’s what you get when you try to make a deep, meaningful, IMPORTANT action movie: a pretentious mess that can’t satisfy even the most basic requirements of the genre or medium.

Thanks, Luc!

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