Sexy Star Trek Miniskirt Cosplays

Of all the things Gene Roddenberry (creator of Star Trek) was, he was most definitely a man of the Sixties, as shown by the vast number of beauties cast for the series, the appearance and behavior of the superhumanly alluring Orion slave girls, and the Star Fleet miniskirt uniform (something resurrected by the 2009 Star Trek reboot). Cosplayers being cosplayers, the Star Fleet miniskirt has become a mainstay of Star Trek cosplays.


Valerie Perez, rocking it very old school in a ToS medical officer’s uniform. Heloooooo nurse!


Cosplayer Heather1337, also going old-school with the costume, as a Science/Medical officer, but with up-to-date special effects.


And finally, Hatred-Jessica Armanetti in a new-school Star Trek skirt, as an operations ensign. (Though I doubt the tattoo and bracelets are regulation. The black nail polish, surprisingly, is.)

Cos Couture has gone to the trouble of finding fully nine more incredible sexy Star Trek miniskirt cosplayers, and you can see them all At The Link!

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