The Successor Aliens Always Deserved?

There’s no need to trod back over why Alien 3 and Alien Resurrection were terrible films. (And they were. If you disagree you’re just wrong. And don’t even TALK to me about Aliens vs. Predator.) Killing off Hicks and Newt was a terrible decision, because it broke faith with the fans right at the start. And, though the director tried to do interesting things with it, the rest of the movie just wasn’t good enough to overcome that betrayal.

The franchise only declined after that, each succeeding movie being worse than the last. Then there came this, late last year: on Instagram, Neil Bloomkamp released several stills from his own conceptual work on a proper Aliens sequel, one which ignored Alien 3 and Resurrection entirely.


Ripley and Hicks. This is starting right!


The alien ship. People futzing with it. That can’t be good.


Whoah! That’s freaky. No clue what could be going on here, but I LIKE it.

Then the bad news: all these were concepts he’d been working on by himself, without input from Fox (the rights owners) or anyone else. Just a hobby, in other words.

Well, poop. What coulda been, but never was.

Fast forward a few weeks later, and the Internet was abuzz again because Fox had hired Bloomkamp to make this film (EXCITED!), but set “after Prometheus“, thus partaking of the crappiness of that particular half-assed deboot.

Excitement successfully killed. Thanks, Fox!

Then today, news that Bloomkamp’s film would serve as a proper sequel to Aliens, forming a complete trilogy: Alien, Aliens, this movie. And the news didn’t come from any supposed “insiders” (thanks for nothing, Variety!) but from the mouths of Bloomkamp and Sigourney Weaver herself!

EDIT: Apologies, the video seems to have been taken down by Sky Movies, who conducted the interviews with Bloomkamp and Sigourney Weaver, on the occasion of Bloomkamp’s Chappie. This video, by IGN news, recaps the critical portions of the interview.

So, a proper sequel that ignores Alien 3 and Resurrection, and Prometheus and the unreleased Prometheus 2? SIGN ME UP.

I’m serious. If he can deliver a compelling, cool, and proper sequel to Aliens, I’m sold. I’ll see it in the theaters. Twice, if I can manage it.

Of course, they haven’t even begun filming yet, and there’s many pitfalls along the path from inspiring concept art to an in-the-can classic. (Hey! A man can dream, can’t he?)

But by ditching the dead weight of the franchise, and going back to the last good movie set in that universe, Bloomkamp has at least started off on the right foot. Here’s hoping what comes out at the other end lives up to, or surpasses, the promise of the concept art.

8 thoughts on “The Successor Aliens Always Deserved?”

  1. Yea, I was hoping for more from Mr. Scott BUT what else was out there? Really nothing. It’s like the film industry is pouting that we didn’t want their political propaganda. As an aside Mr. Warpig- I have been watching your fight. We are here doing what poor working people can do. Keep strong, help is coming.

  2. I remember when Aliens 3 came out – I was excited, having considered the first two the most exciting sci-fi films I’d seen. As soon as they said Newt was dead, I left. To this day, I have never watched Aliens 3 or 4 all the way through, and I don’t plan to.

    As far as the Aliens vs Predator franchise – they might as well let Michael Bay make a film showing Aliens & Predators vs. Optimus Prime and the Avengers. It would make just about as much sense.

  3. I love the idea of the reboot but one criticism I would make about the stills is the fact that Ripley is shown with a jihadi suicide bomb belt in still #1. After all of her badassery (the reluctant warrior of circumstance) through two movies exhibiting her innate desire to live and survive, that desire would now be brought down to that of a terrorist? I find that kind of weak.

  4. Though it looks like a dodgy move on paper, if Blomkamp were to retcon the series and ignore 3 and Resurrection (even if it were all a dream while in stasis) I wouldn’t give a damn. I’m excited for this.

  5. Alien 3 is a fascinating study about the loss of hope. It’s not an Alien movie in the slightest and separating it from the series is about the only way to look at it, in my view. I won’t say it’s a good movie, but it remains an interesting one in my mind if for no other reason than as a textbook example of what can happen with relentless studio interference. Resurrection is Joss Whedon’s rough draft of Firefly, which is about all the credit I give it.

    If this happens, then it truly is the age of fan fiction because all the properties we grew up with are now in the hands of people our age from Star Wars to Jurassic Park to Alien. I love every frame of District 9, and you put that guy in charge of a proper sequel to Aliens? HERE, TAKE MY MONEY! Long before now, Weaver has slagged on the other two Alien films as lacking, so her stating in the interview that this would be a proper conclusion to the saga is neither a new sentiment nor an earth shattering revelation.

    Hell, if they had just left the franchise alone it would have still been a perfect story arc. Alien + Aliens = perfect. It leaves the aliens as a mystery (where DID they come from?) while preserving the mother/daughter relationship of Ripley/Newt. Emotional closure is a rarity from the franchise obsessed Hollywood, but the second film provides it in spades.

    Personal note: If I could watch the director’s cut of Aliens sans the “Newt’s parents” scene, I’d be a happy camper. I love every bit of the film, but that one section pulls me out of it. Also, I think it’s a heck of a lot scarier if they show up and find a ghost town instead of people. But that’s my take on it.

  6. It’s an amazing feat of the first two movies to have spawned so many terrible sequels and spinoffs. And that fans still support the enterprise!

    One thing I’d say is that the Aliens:Colonial Marines game has a pretty good story that works around the tragic mistakes of Alien 3. I think that would actually make a good story or even predecessor to a true third film!

    Here’s hoping!

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