In Honor of Mortal Kombat: Gorgeous Jade Kosplays

Mortal Kombat X is scheduled for release in just two month’s time and, in honor of its impending arrival, today I pay tribute to the hottest kombatant in the series: Jade, the green-eyed and green-clad assassin.


I don’t know about you, but this kosplayer has me konvinced she kould kick my ass. Which is incredibly sexy, in a disturbing kind of way.


While this Jade probably kouldn’t kick my ass, she nonetheless sets the bar for sexiness very high. Unutterably lovely.


I’ll konfess: Jade was NOT my favorite Mortal Kombat kharacter until I saw this pic. Now I’m a true believer. She is sexy, stunning, and has eyes that kould mesmerize at ranges up to 50 feet. Absolutely gorgeous.

For even more Jade-y goodness, check out Kos Kouture’s gallery of Jade kosplayers, At The Link!

3 thoughts on “In Honor of Mortal Kombat: Gorgeous Jade Kosplays”

  1. I’m convinced that third one could kick my ass, because as soon as I made eye contact I would forget we were in combat and drop my guard. Yowza!

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