Totally Terrific (or Terrible?) Scooby-Doo Clones

Who knew Scooby-Doo, Where Are You! would become the template for at least 9 different clones, shows that copied the iconic cartoon almost exactly.

The Funky Phantom, a Scooby Doo clone.
The Funky Phantom, a Scooby Doo clone.

In addition to The Funky Phantom, there was Jabberjaw…


Captain Caveman and the Teen Angels…


And, of course, Speed Buggy.


Most of these were shows I enjoyed watching back when I was a kid. Of course, back then I was too young to realize I was being sold the EXACT SAME SHOW over and over again, just with different settings (outer space to real supernatural to spies and superthieves) and different weirdo mascots.

Many of the clones were quite good, at least by the standards set by Scooby Doo. They were interesting, the mascots were very different, and for a young kid they provided hours of entertainment. THAT’S something many megabudget Hollywood movies fail to provide, meaning even the truly terrible clones at least match up to Battlefield Earth, if not beat it.

Better than Battlefield Earth? DO YOU EVEN NEED TO ASK?

You can find more such shows, and background details on them, At The Link!

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