Stunningly Beautiful and Elegiac Folklore Photos

Anita Anti is a Ukrainian photographer living in New York, who shoots portraits loosely inspired by various folk stories and fairytales.

AND THEY’RE GORGEOUS. Lush, mournful, dynamic, enchanting.

Witness “Pandora”.


This is, of course, Pandora and her forbidden box, releasing all the ills of life upon the human race. War, disease, pain, hatred — all can be traced back to this one moment.

Then there’s “Wonderland”.


Alice Liddell, young and alone, lost in a hallucinatory otherworldly realm, desperate to find her way home.

Last is “Flame”.


I’m unsure what folktale inspired this portrait, or if it was just inspired by Eastern culture in general, but it is as striking and beautiful as the rest of her photos.

It is stunning to me how many truly talented people there are, whose work never receives much attention or recognition. Clearly she is a talented photographer, but simply producing stunning work no longer seems to be enough to guarantee success. I hope she finds an audience.

You can find more of Anti’s work At The Link!

(I actually found three or four different stories about Anti. The one linked has the best sampling of her material, and the most information about her as a person. See how much I care? :) )

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