Another New Year!

By the time this goes live, it’ll be 2015 in my neck of the woods. (You Aussies and Japanese fellows got there long before I did.) That will mark the second full year this blog has been in daily operation, which is a real feat. This will be post #1203.

To balance out the dry text of that paragraph, I give you a .50 bullet that can be steered in midair.

This year saw a huge jump in daily traffic, thanks to some high profile links from well-trafficked blogs, like Ace of Spades HQ and PJ Media. Since the initial burst (1000 times our usual daily traffic), traffic has settled down to a sustained level roughly 20 times what it had been, a 2000% increase!

To make you feel better about reading another boring paragraph, a hawt Star Wars chick.

Slave Leia. Never a bad choice.

The real mission of this blog has been sidelined, set aside, and sidetracked, but it still goes on, as the recent spate of ∞ Infinity posts show. I still have no date for the next playtest, much less a completion date, but I am pushing forward as fast as circumstances allow. I want to get this game finished, and I am doing everything I can to make that happen.

And now, something from Age of Ultron!

Feel the Spader!

I very much appreciate all the regular visitors, new hands and old guard alike. I intend to keep up the same high quality of daily geekalicious posts for 2015, and (sometime, somehow) finish my damn game. So say we all!

In the mean time, Happy New Years and SALUT!

5 thoughts on “Another New Year!”

  1. Living in your future I can tell you that Happy New Year is so last year! But i sure an glad to see some more Infinity stuff, even if it is the old stuff with a new coat of paint.

  2. All of the stuff posted thus far has been posted before, but since then it’s been refined and polished (including reworking REALLY awkward language). I started with it because we have some new people about, who are interested in playtesting with their own groups, and because the upcoming combat rules rely on it heavily.

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