Classic Babely Beauties Who Starred In Geekariffic Stuff

And just to keep this on topic — not that I care or need to care — I’ll stick with vaguely-geekery-related babes. Starting with Diane Lane!


Otherwise known as “Superman’s Mom from that movie you didn’t really like if you had any taste in movies”. And WOW, I had no idea Diane Lane was such a hottie, way back when. I mean, really, WOW!

Next is the one and only wonderfully womanly Lynda Carter!


From, of course, the 1970’s Wonder Woman TV series. No surprises here, I always knew she was hot. Even so, DAMN!

Last is a classic: THE classic beauty, Raquel Welch.



(Literally, as she was fighting dinosaurs in that flick, but what ya gonna do?)

Caveman Circus has, quite thoughtfully, assembled 15 other old-school stunners, all of whom are available At The Link!

5 thoughts on “Classic Babely Beauties Who Starred In Geekariffic Stuff”

  1. How about Anne Francis in Forbidden Planet? The classic old scientist’s daughter that makes astronauts go all horndog.

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