Haley Atwell Returns in Agent Carter

Hayley Atwell was stunning as the love interest in Captain America: The First Avenger, and in The Winter Soldier was revealed to be one of the founders of SHIELD. Now (at long last) the sexy Brit gets to strut her stuff in a TV miniseries about those tumultuous days following the end of the war and the death of Steve Rogers.


It’s great to see the amazing Ms. Atwell return, even if it is only on the small screen. (No, I don’t count the cameo in Winter Soldier.) She just brings an indefinable something to the role…


I don’t know what it is… It’s that certain sort of extra pow! that certain actresses bring…


British accent. Of course. It makes every actress a million times more appealing.

In any case, you can find more images of the delightful Ms. Atwell, and more information about Agent Carter, At The Link!

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