Not a “Real” Gamer

So, some jerk over on Twitter said we Pros don’t really play the vidya. I took the following pic to show I do.


I think that proves the point, don’t you?

Gamers are people who play games. We don’t disappear or evaporate just because you got in a tizzy.

We’re real. We’re here. We buy games.

We’re worth 10x the revenue as one of those assholes who bitched about Monument Valley’s $1.99 paid DLC.

So stop shitting on us, publishers and journalists. Because we don’t HAVE to spend money, we CHOOSE to spend money.


16 thoughts on “Not a “Real” Gamer”

  1. I highly recommend Hitman Go. A little while back it was a mere 2 bucks on special, and has had several free expansions.
    And you have Diablo 3 on PS3? Damn, I wish you’d play it online.

  2. I own Hitman Go! :) I havent played yet, because of time recently, but I think I bought it on special.

    MP is a nogo at the house, because Internet sucks in the sticks. Me and my bro havent played L4D in 6 months or more. 500 ms latency. It’s ugly.

  3. Hitman Go is great. A really beautiful and minimalist puzzle game. And the difficulty level has been just right for a bozo like me. Most are not too tough, but a couple that had me scratching my head for a little while.

  4. …That said, Assassin’s Creed II was so annoying to play, for me, with a mouse and keyboard I actually spent the extra fifteen to buy it for the PS3. Ugh.

    Why yes, I’m well aware you can get an X360 controller for ten dollars. I was impatient and could only order it off e-bay, okay? I don’t live your life.

  5. Went to get Monument Valley’s DLC and found it’s 200 yen here. 200! That’s half a Starbucks latte!! How dare these digital highwaymen charge that much for the entertainment I’m entitled to. I bought it, but I’m not happy. One star, you thieves.

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