Cosplayer Artful Dodger as Tauriel

This post is a little unusual, because instead of one pristine gallery I can cleanly link to, I had to go chasing these down all across the damn Internet. But cosplayer Artful Dodger as Tauriel was worth it.


The costume is incredible. The leatherwork is especially nice.


The attention to lighting, the silver pendant (which I wish we could see more of).


She manages to pull off the slightly wistful smile of the Eldar quite well.

More photos of the cosplayer, though not this specific shoot, available At The Link!

Star Wars: The Force Awakens

THE week for new trailers, at least here at the House. Here’s the latest…

And yes: the sword looks dumb (good way to stab yourself), the two actors (the leads, I presume) look a little too Hollywood, the lens flare is maddening, and overall I just don’t trust JJ Abrams.

That said, of course I’ll see it in the theater, so they hoodwinked me, at least.


Sordid Stories of Skyrim

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim has a long backstory, and characters from earlier games meet untimely deaths which aren’t revealed until the sequels.

A French blogger painstakingly detailed many such stories, including screencaps.


Alive -> dead.

An American translated it into English and put it on imgur, whereupon Kotaku’s Nathan Grayson, exemplar of journalistic integrity, copied the entire thing and posted it as a Kotaku story.

Because it is a good story, with a lot of fascinating details on the Elder Scrolls series, I archived it for you. You can check it out At The Link!

A Whole New World

Because of course this is today’s post. Ahem:

The red-haired scientist is Jessica Chastain, from Zero Dark Thirty and Interstellar. The scruffy-looking dude? Star Lord, from the incredible Guardians of the Galaxy (and some TV show you’ve never heard of, probably.)

Looks like dumb fun. I’m in!

Deaf Dude Hears Wifi

No, not like a mutant thing (though if I were more well read in Marvel, I could tell you which X-Men character could actually do this) but because of a modified hearing aid.


The dude.

Using grant money, Frank Swain and Daniel Jones modified Swain’s hearing aid to turn wifi signals into audible tones. Then Swain walked around London, putting together a map of wifi signals.


His story is fascinating, and you can read the rest At The Link!