The Hardest Cosplay of All: Jessica Rabbit

Cosplayers make gorgeous and elaborate costumes, turning themselves into everything from Darth Vader to, well, Jessica Rabbit. Many costumes are difficult to pull off, but Jessica is nearly impossible. I’ll let Cos Couture explain:

The dress design is physically impossible, it will not stay up the way it’s drawn. Add in an extremely exaggerated figure and you’ve got quite a challenge!

But if you can meet the challenges, you’ll come up with something like this:


How does she do that? Cos Couture, again:

Yaya Han designed and modeled this dress herself. That insane figure was achieved through a custom corset and strategic padding.

Let’s look an another lovely Jessica:


Definitely something suited only for posing, not parading around a convention hall. One last one:


POW! I’m sold.

Despite its difficulty, a great many cosplayers attempt this nearly-impossible costume and succeed. Check out 9 other amazing Jessica Rabbits At The Link!

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