Kick Ass Geek Cast

Alright! The Kick Ass Geek Cast is live and, except for some tech problems tonight, it ROCKS! Seriously.

The KAGC is 30m of fast-paced, high-energy, kick ass geek-ocentric news and commentary by yours truly, Daddy Warpig! It’s a loud and live version of the blog, with more energy and animation than you can possibly imagine.

Live every week-night, 7-7:30 PM Eastern (so 4:00 PM for anyone who might happen to live on the West Coast).  Each show is uploaded to Youtube after the show completes, so if you don’t catch it live, you can click and catch up.

Check it out on Youtube here! (And subscribe!)

And in further KAGC news:

Sarah A Hoyt, SF / F / HR / etc. author, and the Beautiful but Evil Space Princess from the Evil League of Evil, is coming on the show Monday night to do an interview we’re calling “Life Under SJW’s”.

And we’re in tense, last minute negotiations to secure the appearance of another member of the ELoE. Which one? Can’t tell you right now, but when it happens you WILL know.

They’ll hear the yell of victory all the way in Japan.

And that’s the news on the Internet Radio front.

Once again:

Kick Ass Geek Cast
with me, Daddy Warpig
Live week-nights 7-7:30 PM Eastern

Give it a shot. You’ll love it.

6 thoughts on “Kick Ass Geek Cast”

  1. Well, if we’re talking about the Evil League of Evil, ya gotta bring Larry Correia on the show. I’ve read just about everything he’s written (except for the Dead Six series, I’ll have to go to Amazon for those) and he really knows how to entertain his audience. I’ll be listening tonight!

  2. Well, of course I listened! I am an egotist, or, rather, as much of an egotist as my strict Vulcan mind-training will allow, so I wanted to hear you talk about me.

    The brain in the jar thing is an in-joke. In the CAPTAIN FUTURE pulp magazine from the pre-war period (I mean from before World War Two) there is a character named Simon Wright who is a brain in a hovering jar. I always thought he must be a remote descendant or something.

    Speaking of which, the Social Justice League of Antiamerica, or whatever they are called, are now trolling and harassing and boycotting another innocent soul, one Mr Schubert. (

    I want to write and ask you to buy buy a Stardock game today (

    We have a common enemy. They are not going away.

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