6 thoughts on “Daddy Warpig’s Kickass Streamcast!”

  1. Be sure and address that ridiculous article in the NYT. But what else can you expect? The way they see it, #GamerGate is anti-journalist by nature, therefore the New York Times needs to bash us on Page 1. Standard self-preservation from their point of view, I’m sure.

  2. Three thoughts.

    Let’s see if I can formulate it in an apolitical enough way, since I probably can’t email right now.

    There are political movements who think that everything goes, because they think they are saving the world. A certain one did some fairly innovative work in developing methods like the Leninist organizational weapon.

    Well, what happens if they are successful, and expand past the true believers? Perhaps eventually a situation is reached where they’ve proliferated their methods outside the hard core, and there are people who see it as normal to use this stuff for personal gain.

    Could this match the present situation, or is it better explained by normal run of the mill human nature?

    Secondly, in what I’ve watched of the Threedog podcast, I’m a little surprised at the hurt feelings. If the anti-gamer gate community has largely adsorbed best practices at the level of habit from elsewhere, one might be forgiven for thinking that those offensive methods can be normal, from some opponents. I get the impression that the anti gamer gate strategy is too coordinated to untrained and spontaneous, so I might assume it is borrowed, which would mean there are enemies of the borrowee who have already implemented counter strategies.

    Lastly, a stupid joke. Don’t these obnoxious mind games prove that the Anti Gamer Gate crowd really has a deep love of gaming? Isn’t this something like the application of Playing to Win to real life? Despite the other parties not having given consent.

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