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Quebecois Cosplay Cuties

De-stressing from the last few days of bare-knuckles brawling, I thought I’d try a nice and simple Fanservice! post.

Time for some cuties. Like this first snap:

Wait! How did that get in there, dammit? Fine, we’ll call that “One for the ladies.”

Now for something soft, sexy, and feminine:

Gaaaah! That’s not sexy! That’s, frankly, terrifying.

Worst. Fanservice. Ever.

Fine, I guess it is October. We’ll put that one down to a little Halloween madness.

One last time (and it better be good!):

Now that’s excellent fanservice! (Finally.)

This fine pic was shot by Quebecois photog Lexa One. There are lots more examples of her quality work (all along these lines) posted by “Geeks Are Sexy” at the link!