How To Kill #GamerGate In 2 Easy Steps (That Kotaku, Polygon, And The Verge Won’t Ever Try!)

Psst! Media guys! Come over here. I have a secret. And it’s a big one.

I know how to KILL #GamerGate. The method’s simple, direct, and utterly infallible.

  1. Adopt an ethics policy.
  2. Adhere to it.

BOOM! Blow them right away.

#GamerGate’s all about the misogyny, right? Jon Stone says it, The Verge does, hell everybody does. #GamerGate is a hate group, hiding behind a thin veneer of consumer rights, protesting journalistic malfeasance. But they’re lying right?

So call them on it. Kick them right in the balls. Tear away the veil and expose the hateful, bigoted troglodytes underneath.

Look at it this way: it’s a guaranteed win. Even if they’re not brutal, women-hating troglodytes looking to (vicariously) ravish helpless women in vicious women-hating video games, if you take away their single demand, you win. They have no leg to stand on. All you have to do is:

  1. Adopt an ethics policy.
  2. Adhere to it.

And they’re screwed. So why not do it?

Why have you sat by passively for six weeks, doing not one single effective thing other than riling them up? Why have you only screamed and screamed, and not smacked your enemies down, good and proper?

Unless… oh. It’s the steps, right? You have a problem with the steps? Probably the second one, most of all. You just can’t do it, right? It sticks in your craw.

Well, crap. I guess that means more rage-filled rants, accusing #GamerGaters of everything under the sun, up to and including Weev’s 2007 trolling campaign, the Jennifer Lawrence photo leak, and the Lindberg baby kidnapping.

(Two of those are real accusations, from The Verge article linked above. Those #GamerGaters, they do get around. In their time machine, apparently.)

So, more rants in the style of Jon Stone, then. (The Verge having preemptively proven this point correct.) And since we’re fisking Stone anyway, let’s do some more! Because hey, if the gaming media is going to use Stone’s piece as their Bible, bathroom reader, and bedroom companion, we may as well analyze it.

Except it’s too damn long. (The Verge at least had the goddamn common courtesy of making their article 45% shorter than Stone’s “Wheel of Time”-esque magnum opus.) So instead of fisking the entire remaining verbiage, we’re going to focus on a few parts I find most entertaining. Like this:

Thus, an Asian journalist is pilloried for racist comments he made as a teenager which he has repeatedly, sincerely and profusely apologised for:

Racist comments? But what could they be?


“Hitler is my fucking idol.” You didn’t mention that, Jon. Or any of those other, uh, “racist” quotes. (14/88 is White Supremacist code. ) Or these, either. (Trigger warning: “N-word”.)

They’re a little more than… racist, though. You could almost kind of call that sort of full-on Nazi, right? (“You went full Nazi. Never go full Nazi.”)

But he’s apologized? Well, maybe he has a good explanation.

Pic taken from the article.

Well, that makes perfect sense. Gamers made him a Nazi, and now he hates gamers with a passion. (BTW, he’s the Editor in Chief of a site called Gameranx. It covers gaming and gamers.)

Obviously, every single sane person should forgive him, as every single anti-GG would if any “pros” had the same… ah… checkered past. Because decency. And morality. And virtue, you evil #GG jerks!

So what did those vile, bastard #GamerGaters do to this sweet, innocent lad?

Pic taken from the article.

They called him a Nazi?!? THOSE BAST… Wait.

I mean, isn’t he? Sort of, uh, Nazi-ish? “Hitler is my fucking idol.” That’s pretty… Nazi-esque, at least. What’s the problem again? Evil #GamerGaters are calling this innocent… White Supremacist a Nazi? And that’s bad?

I’m sorry, but since when did calling a certified swastika-wearing, goose-stepping, friend of Hitler a “Nazi” become a bad thing? Nazis are Nazis. (Sorry, “ex-“.) You’re supposed to call them Nazis. That’s why they themselves invented the name, so other people would know what to call them! (And “genocidal, dictatorial, racist assholes” was taken.)

And Ian’s’ a Nazi. (Sorry, “ex-“.) Before you cry foul, consider two last quotes from Ian: “why didn’t the holocaust kill your parents” and “jews = nothing”.


(Heavily apply [sic] to those quotes. I didn’t mangle the grammar. And punctuation. Capitalization. Etc.)

So, Stone’s defending the honor of Nazi scum. (Sorry, “ex-“.) Way to fight the power, Jon.

Is there anything else?

(Oh wait: You documented this abuse heavily, but curiously no other instances. Evidence lacking a little, was it, Stone? That surprises even me.)

Back to the fisking: Is there anything else?

It’s like watching intelligent animals work out how to maim each other with writing implements […] There’s no creativity to #gamergate’s methods. It copy and pastes what has been seen to work elsewhere, whether for good or evil. Boycott campaigns, infographics, memes, petitions[.]

“You’re using proven methods for effecting change! You ignorant monkeys!” That’s considered a substantive condemnation now? #GamerGaters learn from the past and use tools that work? And we should hate them for using effective tools made by others?

Do we also hate them for using screwdrivers or the wheel? Or game controllers and keyboards, for that matter? Maybe we should hate them for also using sentence structure and punctuation! (That could be why he loves Ian so much — by rejecting the oppressive white male sentence structure, Ian’s transcended the ineffable boundaries of hermanuetic… wait, I lost my place.)

“They do what’s effective”? Is this you just whining your ass off, because they’re winning?

Any other baseless accusations to level?

The authors of the aforementioned diatribes drench themselves in the language of scrupulous philosophical investigation as if that in itself imbues them with moral authority, while displaying nothing close to real consistency, rigour [No sic, he’s British] or intellectual honesty.

This is a textbook example of projection, to wit, unconsciously attributing one’s own moral failings to others. Which is to say, all of the above = you, Jon. You did all of these things.

I know. We know. Because we read your piece, and fisked it to death.

So there it is, ladies and gentlemen, a partial fisking in three parts. And each part showed how the anti-#GamerGate movement lies (and explained some of the truth). The first showed lying about gamers, the second them lying about #GamerGate as a whole and about themselves, and this one how they mislead with vitriol and biased language.

They’re willing to whitewash a White Supremacist’s racist past, in order to defame and slander #GamerGate. That’s who they are. That’s what they do.

These tactics will not stop. Because, even though they have an easy out (or an easy way to discredit #GamerGate), they will not take it. Their corruption is more important than their careers and audience.

And it’s long past time the audience bid them adieu and walked away.


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Because we rock! And so does #GamerGate!

81 thoughts on “How To Kill #GamerGate In 2 Easy Steps (That Kotaku, Polygon, And The Verge Won’t Ever Try!)”

  1. And, as I noted on Twitter, Step 2 is the real sticking point. An Ethics policy not followed, may as well not exist.

    But welcome to the House of Geekery anyway!

  2. I could maybe, MAYBE forgive Cheong’s Nazi bullshit, or at least give him a chance to redeem himself if he’s truly willing. Everyone has done some stupid shit in the past, some worse than others.

    But that backhanded apology that holds as much water as a sieve blew it. Go to hell, you Nazi piece of shit.

  3. Well, it looks like Jon Stone has decided to double-down on the “how dare you question the actions of your superiors, you hateful misogynist neo-nazis” theme:

    Personally, I’m still impressed that anyone could write a paragraph like this and still have a shred of self-respect:

    “But even leaving aside the fact that Gamergate’s “argument” is an irreconcilable mess of trembly fingered accusations, vendettas and uncertain nods to complex problems, the fact remains that there is only one “side” to be discussed, and that is Gamergate itself. As much as it would like to nominate as its opponent a power-axis of leftist games critics, mainstream journalists, developers, activists and academics, this axis doesn’t exist.”

    You stay classy, SJWs….

  4. *shakes head*

    “doesn’t exist”, huh?

    Must take special training to avoid the whole “it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, swims and flies like a duck, has bill, feathers, and all it’s probably a…” thing.

    Given the striking similarity of the arguments opposed to #GamerGate, many of whom have been proven to have colluded in private whilst presenting a false front of individuality, it’s rather hard to call them anything else with a straight face.

  5. What’s wrong with looking to (vicariously) ravish helpless women in vicious women-hating video games? I am perfectly entitled to enjoy that, and fuck anyone who thinks they are in position to tell me what I should and should not enjoy.

  6. Hi – I had a quick skim through these. They don’t really do much except confirm what I already thought about GG ‘debating’ tactics. A takedown where you tried to honestly and fairly engage with the points I made might have given me genuine pause for thought.

    Mostly, I’m amused at being called a postmodernist.

  7. In the beginning I think you were right,mate. We were trusting good folk. All we wanted was an apology and an ethics policy. However,since then they have thrown us under the bus,doxxed us, slandered us,and threatened us. Many of those people on our side were women,lgbts,and minorities. That proved to me these people we’re against have no morals,no integrity,and no standards. I don’t want to stir unnecessary anger but at least from my point of view many of them need to be fired.

  8. “Quick skim” “confirm what I already thought”

    That sounds like a confirmation bias to me. Don’t you think that there’s some truth in what Daddy Warpig said in this article? That if the journalists go ahead and adhere to better ethical rules that GamerGate will have nothing to stand on. If someone truly wants to remove the legitimacy of a group that they see as harmful then they should probably fix the issues that the group is rising against so that all the group has left is the harmful elements. This would essentially destroy GamerGate and anybody that used it thinking that it was against corruption would have already left and all that would be left is the misogynistic harassment campaign that you claim exists.

    Pretty good deal, really. You’d come out smelling like roses in that situation and all of the good people that joined GamerGate to go against corruption would be happy. Then the misogynists would have no platform to speak on and you could easily destroy them socially. I don’t see anything wrong in this situation since the only people that would lose their jobs are the people breaking those ethics rules and they’re the ones that make you look bad while the only people that would become social pariahs on the GamerGate side would be the actual misogynists.


    Followed by the oh-so-pious shock that people don’t “care” enough to embrace the distraction you want them to gasp and express dismay at and so on.

    Oh. Sorry. Am I interrupting your dance?

  10. This inspired me to make a similar argument what I got was rather interesting.
    I didn’t go into so much detail and linked the Society of Professional Journalists Code of Ethics as an example of exactly what is meant by a code of ethics fully expecting an ineffectual code of ethics from game media in response to you.
    And what I got in response was links to the ineffectual code of ethics I was expecting ignoring the fact that I sighted a specific example of what a code of ethics should look like.
    But then Warpig was probably under the impression he was talking to adults.
    Keep up the good fight Mr Warpig

  11. You’re so right! Any individual who is part of a movement who makes a terroristic threat discredits the entire group, like, it does for Islam, right?

    Of course, it doesn’t help when so many of those reported threats are faked.

  12. An excellent piece! The absolute unwillingness of the more virulent anti-GamerGate people to at least consider the option that there might be even a hint of reason in the GamerGate claim is baffling. Do they really, honestly believe we are all part of a sort of discriminatory hive mind that just happened to find a convenient disguise (while coordinating over long distances through our telepathic bonds, of course)?

    If your 2-step Plan was implemented, they would own the entire arsenal and score themselves a huge victory, while at the same time greatly improving the state of game journalism. That such a thing is not even being considered tells much about what really lies underneath, and further cements the purpose of GamerGate.

    Great work, Gentleman Warpig!

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