Truly Terrifying Movies For A Harrowing Halloween!

And it’s spooky time at the movies! Modern movies, by and large, don’t do scares very well, unless its cat jumps and sudden music stings. But the classics, oh the classics…




The Excorcist.


Rosemary’s Baby.

Truly terrifying films. has gone to the trouble of listing the top ten scariest movies of all time, so cuddle up with a loved one this Halloween and enjoy some good old-fashioned scares. At The Link!

Lazy People, Crazy People, and the Military

Tonight’s episode of the Kick Ass Geek Cast, recorded live, is now on YouTube:

The Geek Cast is live every weeknight 7-7:30 pm Eastern. Listen, like, and subscribe!

I’m serious about this. I think the KAGC is an excellent YT radio talk show, if you enjoy subscribe, like it on Facebook, and tweet it.

In other KAGC news, noted sci-fi author John C. Wright dropped into the Big Bad Blog, and you can read his comments right here. He highlighted the plight of an indie game developer who has been targeted by Antis for supporting #GamerGate. You can check out his store right here. (And in support, I tweet-bombed the address as well.)

Also! We have a new domain for the House of Geekery: (All the old links will work, as well.) Ponying up the cash for that allowed me to include videos, like the above, as well.

Exciting times! Excelsior!

20 Styles of Michael Jackson

Impressionist Anthony Vincent, of ten second songs, made a music video where he sings Michael Jackson’s Thriller in the style of 20 different bands. (Plus a few extra, for the narrators.)


And it’s awesome. Seriously, it’s brilliant. The man is a gifted impressionist, and knows his music.

You can check it out At The Link!

Marvel’s Movie Map Extends to 2019

Yeah, that’s Marvel. On a string of successes exceeded only by Pixar, just today Marvel expanded its Phase 2 and 3 slate to May of 2019. Announced movies include Ant-Man, Doctor Strange, and this guy:


That’s, well look! Black Panther, played by Chadwick Boseman. They also announced Captain America: Civil War, wherein Cap and Iron Man go head to head, leading into a two-parter Avengers 3: Infinity War.

Marvel Studios Fan Event

So that’s four and a half years of movies, after which Robert Downey Jr. will have been playing Tony Stark for 13 years. (Yeah, it’s been that long. Yeah, you’re that old.) Marvel made a slew of other announcements about various franchises, a Hulk solo movie, Benedict Cumberbatch, and more, all of which can be found At The Link!

For Halloween: French-Canadian Zombies!

The very worst kind of zombies! See?


Yes, it’s a zombie walk! Except for this dude:


No, not a lick of makeup effects. But how often do you get to see a Canadian Umbrella Corp. soldier?

Now this guy has some incredible makeup effects:


Ewwww! I’m guessing that, even at a zombie walk, that guy doesn’t make many friends.

Anyway, catch the rest of the photos At The Link!

Rolling Stone Shoots Star Wars

Until yesterday, I had no idea this existed. Now that I do, I’m still a little stunned.


Yeah. It’s like that, isn’t it? At first you’re “WTF?” and then you’re “That’s kinda sexy…” then it’s back to “WTF?” again.

Here’s another:


Awww, cozy! The best one:


Because fun.

Anyway, see the rest of the shoot (w/ a whole lot more Leia) At The Link!