Geek Twitter Thunderdome!

Zack Snyder, director of Batman v Superman started some shit up on Twitter, by tweeting the following picture, under the hashtag #SuperJedi, aiming it in the general direction of J.J. Abrams, director of Star Wars: Episode VII:

Should be #SuperSith, Zack...
Should be #SuperSith, Zack…

And it was on. Clash of the franchise titans. Geekmageddon. Two geeks enter, one geek leaves!

Abrams shot back with a picture of an ep. VII character in full Batgarb. Snyder tossed out a pic of Batman and R2D2 in the desert. Then Abrams struck back with The C3ped Crusader:

It's gonna be hard hiding all that shiny metal, isn't it?
It’s gonna be hard hiding with all that shiny metal, isn’t it?

And they want back and forth like that for two damn months. Until Abrams, wily combatant he, posted a video of the Millennium Falcon from VII, revealing a secret hidden on its underside…

But no video here. What am I, made of money? (WordPress charges a bundle for video rights.) But the video, all of the pics, and the rest of the story can be found at the link!

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