What’s the Deal With the Twitter… Thing?

I’ve always used Twitter as a post announcer: an article went up here, an announcement got made on Twitter. Just last week, I started actually tweeting for real.


Yeah, that’s the “Dead Island” set. I’ve killed zombies there. Like, a lot. @planetepics

— Daddy Warpig (@Daddy_Warpig) September 12, 2014

So the House of Geekery Twitter account — @Daddy_Warpig — is now live. Feel free to follow, if you’re the Twitter type. Some important points:

1. The type of content — RPG’s, video games, movies, etc. — is exactly what you’d get on the House, just shorter. There’s more of it, and more links and stuff I found interesting. Virtually all of it will never make an appearance here, of course.

2. All ∞ Infinity posts will be here. No room on Twitter for posts/feedback.

3. If you don’t want to join Twitter, the Twitter Thing in the sidebar will let you see all my tweets. But I’d always love to have you, of course. You can “Follow” right in the same Twitter Thing.

So come join the House on Twitter. We’ve tripled the number of followers in less than a week! (And the math people all just smiled.)

Twitter: Almost like talking to real people.

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