Adventurers Ruin Everything

But in this case, it’s just (“Just.” Hah!) the economy. It’s all that gold brought back from moldy dungeons and crumbling keeps. Bungs up the works, you see. Economically speaking.

Gold, gold, sweet, sweet gold.
Sweet, sweet gold.

Find out why at the link!

2 thoughts on “Adventurers Ruin Everything”

  1. Imaginary conversation:

    “Ed? What did he do?”

    “In Jasyn’s game he played a cunning rogue who established a mercantile empire that covered half a continent and extended — through shimmering inter-dimensional gateways — into at least two other worlds.”


    “Not finished. He also established monopoly control over the long lost secrets of alchemy, based on items and formulas brought back from 4000 years in the past. Then another monopoly over the secrets of manufacturing flying ships.”

    “Make any money?”

    “Oh yeah, we were the richest. Had more money than anyone in the campaign, including the Emperor of an entire continent to the south.”

    “Wow. What’d you all spend it on?”



    “Food. We spent all the money feeding half a continent in the wake of a massive war. We prevented mass starvation. Plus some magical weapons and armor and stuff. But mostly food.”


    Not exactly your typical fantasy campaign. :)

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