Community Is Back! (Kinda. Sorta. In A Way.)

So, Yahoo! still exists. (You remember Yahoo!, right? They used to be a search engine thing back before the Google extinction-level-event wiped out all the search engine dinosaurs.) And, apparently, it has a streaming video service.

A free streaming video service. That launched in 2011. (I know, right?) That just signed the cult classic TV show Community for a sixth season.

You know, Community:


“Six seasons and a movie!”

Or, well, three seasons and a couple half-seasons and a final half-season on a Yahoo! streaming video service. (Yahoo! — The Washington Generals of search engines.) Of course, they’re losing cast members faster than The Golden Girls, so who knows which of the main characters will be back for this kinda-sorta final season.

At least the cast can bask in the glow of knowing they’re on the same streaming service that currently hosts Katie Couric’s news program. For reals.

Anyway, Variety has the details on the little show that just wouldn’t die.

On a more serious note, streaming is getting bigger and bigger, and cable looks like a worse and worse deal next to Netflix. With Hollywood’s 2014 revenues crashing big, and their margins collapsing (< 5% profit margin, no lie, and dropping steadily), they might find themselves driven to the negotiating table with the streaming sites.

I, for one, welcome the death of bundled cable and the glorious reign of streaming services. Anything to kill off . I hate those guys.

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